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No Tournament - No Worries

With the 3rd Leg of the South West Touch League in Truro being postponed the eve before the tournament, Exeter touch rugby had a spare Saturday morning! After a frantic 12 hours of recruitment by team captain James Webber, 18 players were at the “Pots”, 10am sharp, raring to go!

A friendly tournament was played by 3 teams, 2 hours later, the scoreboard was scrapped and we playing for enjoyment purposes only!

Original committee member Sam Bull graced us with presence (Currently lives up north!) and showed off his slick skills! (hmm questionable) So good were his skills in fact, he scooped up the dick of the day award in roughly 10 minutes!

Other awards presented during the evening social at the imperial went to James Marsden for impressing on his debut, John Aplin was awarded X Factor moment for pretty much running around everyone .. all the time.. and simply being “too good” (something that almost won him dick of the day) and Hugo Marino bagged the team player award!

A big thanks to James for organising the event, good work!