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Masters Nationals!

Exeter Touch Rugby duo Alan Hubbleday and Matt Mahoney played in the Masters Nationals this weekend.

Both were selected to represent the Southern Suns against the other England regions.

The Sun’s rose early and headed north hoping to shine. They had forecast a good result but fell short of their goal of winning the tournament, despite a shower of tries, due to a couple of patchy spells.

The team had a bit of a cold start but performances went from moderate to good. They were very competitive throughout and consistent with a strong defence that put other teams under pressure.

There was some bright play and performances from both Hubbleday and Mahoney combining for some high points and good breaks. Despite the Sun's going down in the play-offs their improvements throughout the day meant their spirits weren’t dampened and the outlook for next year is good

.Being selected for the Nationals makes them both eligible again for selection for England Men 35’s next season, which they both represented at the European Senior Championships this year in Edinburgh.Well done to both of you 👏🍾🏉🏆

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