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Table Topping Exeter

Exeter Touchy Rugby took a trip to OPM (Plymouth) on Sunday the 11th Sep for the final tournament of the South West League summer season. OPM put on a great show, coupling the tournament with the Family fun day, which only added to the great atmosphere in the air. After all, what more could you want? Rugby, BBQ’s, Bouncy Castles and Sumo Suits??!

Exeter came out on top not only winning the tournament on the day, but topping the summer league leader board. This is a great result for the Club and has highlighted how far Exeter have come under the Captain-ship of James Webber.

Exeter won all 3 games in the group stage, overcoming tough opposition from Truro. A tight affair which saw both teams play some great touch, Exeter however, manage to scrape through in the last few minutes to win the game 4-2.

As Exeter and Truro finish 1st and 2nd respectively in the group, It was decided an unofficial final would be a fitting way to finish a great day of Touch rugby.

A guest appearance from Paul Bayle (now studying at Bath) was always a welcome sight! Paul was with the Club last year during the final year of his Exeter university course before heading home to France. Paul produced the classic french flair of the day, popping the ball out the back door to Sylvaine running a switch line, resulting in her crossing the whitewash during the final.

Exeter led 4-0 at half time, saving their best performance of the tournament for the last game! Truro came out on top in the second half scoring 2 tries to Exeter’s 1, leaving a final score of 5 - 2 to Exeter. A similar result to the first game, but included far more eye catching rugby.

The tournament really showed off how far Exeter, Plymouth and Truro have come in the last few months! A massive thank you to Plymouth for hosting yet again a great day of Touch Rugby!

If you’d like to be involved in playing some competitive touch rugby, please catch James either at training or send us a message on the site! All are welcome regardless of experience!

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